Thirsty Thursday: Barrel Republic

Recently I went to Barrel Republic in PB (for you nonSan Diegans that’s Pacific Beach). The concept seemed pretty unique. They allow for patrons to pour their own beers (or ciders or wine).

It’s almost a little dangerous, because you can just keep pouring and pouring until you are a little buzzed or a lot buzzed. But for someone who is still new to beer, or likes to try new beer, this place is pretty great. Like most places in San Diego, they have a rotating list so you won’t necessarily have the same options from one week to the next.

I tried a Maple beer which I never caught the name of , Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment, and Evil Dead Red by Alesmith. The maple beer tasted just like maple syrup, but it was definitely interesting to try. The Watermelon was insane, it was light and crisp, the way you expect watermelon to actually be. My favorite was the red, even though it wasn’t being served at Halloween.


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