Thirsty Thursday: Legacy Brewing Kitchen and Tap

This past weekend my friends and I went out to Legacy Brewing Kitchen and Tap after hanging out. And I have a bit of a mixed review for it.

On the one hand, I had the Chesty Irish Red, and damn was it good. It is the sort of Irish Red I love and can’t get enough of. It definitely had some nutty tones to it, but it didn’t bog down the beer.

However, the pub itself I have a problem with. All of us showed up separately. We all went up to the bar to order food and beers, we never had someone come over to us to take our orders. And when there was room and most of the patrons had left we moved from the bar and one table, to several tables which we smushed together. And everyone had an $8 service fee added to their tab. The only time we saw the servers was when they brought the last couple of meals out.

My problem with it is that they actually are required to tell you if there will be a service charge added to your bill for certain things like, a party over a certain amount or whatever. AND THEY NEVER TOLD US. No one came over to us to say, “Hey, since you smushed the tables together we have to add a service fee to every person’s bill.” Also it was a flat rate of $8 per person, even if the only thing a person got was a taster.

I have been parts of large parties, and I understand the need to add a service charge WHEN YOU ACTUALLY SERVE PEOPLE. If we needed anything we had to go to the bar to get it ourselves, and I highly doubt we inconvenienced them so much by having all of our dishes and glasses in one central location. Having worked as a waitress, it is easier to remove stuff from one table then have to go to three or four areas to pick up bits left behind by a large group.

The beer is good, the food is good, the service is terrible and they want you to pay extra for it. Idk, it would take a pretty compelling reason to go back.


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