Thirsty Thursday: 5/25

Last Saturday I got to go to two different breweries. One was Thunderhawk Alements, the other was Align Brewing.

Thunderhawk had a larger facility, more choices and games while Align had one table and had surfing videos. Fortunately both places let us bring in food, but that’s because neither had food.

At Thunderhawk, the favorite beer for the group was the Torreyana, a Saison with a 6.3% alcohol by volume. At Align Brewing Company was I believe the Align Stout, but I forgot to write down the name.

I had the Align Pale Ale and Thunderhawk’s Sun Zener. My personal favorite out of the two was the Sun Zener, but that’s because of my fondness for Citra and Mosaic hops.

I recommend both places if you haven’t been, and they’re within walking distance of each other, if you want to brewery hop.


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