Thirsty Thursday: 5/25

Last Saturday I got to go to two different breweries. One was Thunderhawk Alements, the other was Align Brewing.

Thunderhawk had a larger facility, more choices and games while Align had one table and had surfing videos. Fortunately both places let us bring in food, but that’s because neither had food.

At Thunderhawk, the favorite beer for the group was the Torreyana, a Saison with a 6.3% alcohol by volume. At Align Brewing Company was I believe the Align Stout, but I forgot to write down the name.

I had the Align Pale Ale and Thunderhawk’s Sun Zener. My personal favorite out of the two was the Sun Zener, but that’s because of my fondness for Citra and Mosaic hops.

I recommend both places if you haven’t been, and they’re within walking distance of each other, if you want to brewery hop.


Word Wednesday: 5/24

This word Wednesday is toothsome.

  1. adj. agreeable, attractive
  2. adj. sexually attractive.

Jessica Rabbit is a toothsome red head.

Television Tuesday: 5/23

So last Wednesday, Hulu’s new series Harlots concluded it’s first season. And man was it an emotional rollercoaster, like one of those indoor ones so you have no idea where it’s going and you aren’t sure if it’ll be good or horrible.

Harlots centers on two(ish) bawdy houses in 18th century London, one owned and operated by Lydia Quigly (Leslie Manville) and the other by Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton). The women have a history that unfolds pretty quickly in the series allowing for their current battle to take centerstage as Lydia tries to prevent Margaret Wells from rising up and Margaret tries to tear her down.

Of course, there are many people caught in the crossfire between these two madams. Two are Margaret’s own daughters, Lucy Wells (Eloise Smyth) and Charlotte Wells (Jessica Brown Findlay). Charlotte, whose virginity was sold to the highest bidder by their mother at 12, is a renown courtesan and professional lover to Sir George (Hugh Skinner), while her sister Lucy, who is probably 16ish, has been kept from the life of a whore. When their mother has financial trouble stemming from legal trouble, she finally auctions off Lucy.

Lucy’s misfortunes start the moment her mother does this, for while she manages to avoid losing her virginity to Sir George, who won the auction to piss off Charlotte, it opens her up to a life she wasn’t prepared for and doesn’t have the temperament for. Three episodes in and she almost dies, and is most certainly beaten by a regular client of her mother’s and Charlotte’s. The incident changes her and makes her different, leading to the final misery of the season, making Margaret chose between her two daughters.

Charlotte on the other hand doesn’t like the idea of being kept, or a professional mistress to Sir George, not that I blame her he’s a fool. Which causes Sir George to lash out to try to hurt her. In the fifth episode it seems he might have broken her, but it is Charlotte Wells, and she can’t be broken by a man. Charlotte walks an unfortunate line, as a harlot she has the freedom to chose clients, but she’s still bound differently to the laws then the men she services. She has a type of freedom which is threatened by the idea of a keeper.

In the end, Margaret choses Lucy. Lucy choses to beat men. Charlotte choses Lydia. And no one is really happy. But that’s probably closer to life then any sort of happy ending would have been.

I really do like the series, mostly because all of the plot twists were a mystery to me. I was never sure something was going to  happen until it did. However, the last episode was a bit corny as it tried to tie up all lose ends. Every scene felt rushed, the placement of people sloppy, and some of the dialogue was laughable. But I’m not discouraged for a second season, in fact, I’d totally be down to watch a second season. One bad episode does not a series ruin.

Let me know your thoughts. Did you like or dislike the show? Any recommendations for other shows I’d like?

Thirsty Thursday: 5/18

This Thirsty Thursday I present to you my favorite beer that I’ve had so far. It is, Alpine Brewing Company’s Mandarin Nectar. It is my all time favorite beer, and it is always difficult to get. The only place I’ve ever found it was at the brewpub, but recently I found a 22 oz bottle of it in a BevMo.

The beer has rather average marks on beeradvocate, to each their own. It is a spiced beer with a 6.5% alcohol by volume and a very low IBU. The beer has orange blossom honey, coriander, and orange zest officially in it, and you can taste it. Or at least I can.

I recommend the beer if you like Amber Ales.

Television Tuesday on Wednesday: Sorry

Okay, so I know I’m late to television review Tuesday; but I didn’t really have enough time this weekend in order to fully review anything. I’m planning on releasing a review for “Harlots” the Amazon Prime show next week, when the season ends, but that will be this Thursday.

What this means for you, if you have any shows you think I should watch to listen to what I have to say, feel free to comment because I’m almost out of new shows to watch. However, I do have a review for you.

This weekend I saw “King Arthur” because Charlie Hunnam is hot and my mom bought my ticket so I’m reviewing it. The movie follows Arthur Pendragon (Charlie Hunnam) as he grows up in the mean Londinium streets and battles his evil Uncle, King Vortigern (Jude Law (also hot)), for control of Camelot.

The story is extremely familiar as it is so damn old, every decade there is a new King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot story. So for film-makers the problem is reinventing the story so that new audiences want to see it. This King Arthur story takes on more of a “Rocky” vibe. The character is a scrappy loyal underdog against the machine that is his Uncle. But at some points it is definitely too gimmicky. More of their budget was spent on high octane action sequences then it was on story. The final fight sequence between Arthur and his Uncle could’ve benefitted from some work.

The underdog taking back the insert thing here from insert villain here is always fun and generally brings in lots of money. People can relate to the underdog, especially in this day and age, but there are so many underdog stories that can be produced.

My personal favorite about this movie is Tom Wu, however I think he is under utilized and how he ended up in Londonium is questionable. While I think he is an amazing martial artist, I think he is the token Asian character and the only way they can introduce a more complex fighting style in this story. If they had provided him with more of a backstory I think he would have been more plausible in the story.

I enjoyed my time in the theater, but I recognize there are many faults with the story and places where they could’ve spent more time. However, the cast is hot and the action sequences exciting. If you’re looking for a movie to entertain without too much thought, it’s great. If you’re wanting the next Indie hit, it is not this.

Thirsty Thursday: Legacy Brewing Kitchen and Tap

This past weekend my friends and I went out to Legacy Brewing Kitchen and Tap after hanging out. And I have a bit of a mixed review for it.

On the one hand, I had the Chesty Irish Red, and damn was it good. It is the sort of Irish Red I love and can’t get enough of. It definitely had some nutty tones to it, but it didn’t bog down the beer.

However, the pub itself I have a problem with. All of us showed up separately. We all went up to the bar to order food and beers, we never had someone come over to us to take our orders. And when there was room and most of the patrons had left we moved from the bar and one table, to several tables which we smushed together. And everyone had an $8 service fee added to their tab. The only time we saw the servers was when they brought the last couple of meals out.

My problem with it is that they actually are required to tell you if there will be a service charge added to your bill for certain things like, a party over a certain amount or whatever. AND THEY NEVER TOLD US. No one came over to us to say, “Hey, since you smushed the tables together we have to add a service fee to every person’s bill.” Also it was a flat rate of $8 per person, even if the only thing a person got was a taster.

I have been parts of large parties, and I understand the need to add a service charge WHEN YOU ACTUALLY SERVE PEOPLE. If we needed anything we had to go to the bar to get it ourselves, and I highly doubt we inconvenienced them so much by having all of our dishes and glasses in one central location. Having worked as a waitress, it is easier to remove stuff from one table then have to go to three or four areas to pick up bits left behind by a large group.

The beer is good, the food is good, the service is terrible and they want you to pay extra for it. Idk, it would take a pretty compelling reason to go back.

Word Wednesday: 5/8

I would like to take this word Wednesday to share with you, my two readers, why I missed last Tuesday. I found out that a friend of mine, whom I had drifted apart from, died of an overdose and it threw a wrench in my plans.

All I keep wondering is what can be done in order to fix the overdoses. I went to high school in the overdose capital of the United States, I have grown up knowing people who were struggling with addiction and who had died from it. And I keep wondering what can be done in order to fix it. And the truth is I don’t know. All I can do is to check in on friends and remind them I am there for them no matter what, and hope someone would rather talk through their problems then turn to drugs.

And while I realize it’s not that simple, it’s all I can do.